financial independence

Having enough income to pay one’s living expenses for the rest of one’s life without having to be employed or dependent on others is the true meaning of financial independence. 

We all begin life’s journey at Point A. Most of us have hopes and dreams that define Point B, but it isn’t long before we realize there are barriers and challenges to reaching our goals. In fact, all too often, life gets in the way. We get laid off, we rack up debt, we face illness, we discover we don’t have the right education or know the “right people” to keep our families on track for our goals and dreams… and that dream slowly becomes the great disappointment.

But what if you could hit the reset button? What if you could find a great company with the right opportunity — with the system, the tools and the training to build a successful business of your own — a business you can build part time or full time?* What if there was a place where arriving at Point B could be so much better than you ever imagined?

Primerica’s business opportunity isn’t a job, so there’s no punching a clock, no rigid schedule to follow, and, best of all, no boss to answer to. Here, YOU decide how to fit the activities of the business into your schedule, YOU choose how much or how little to work, and YOU decide how big you want your business to grow.

Love your job? Keep it! Because Primerica works when you do, you can start helping families part time, earning money to supplement your budget, pay down debt, save for the future, or whatever you and your family need.* We’ll provide all the training, support and coaching you need to become successful.

If part time fits your needs, stay that way! However, if you discover that you want to make a career switch and focus on growing your business full time, YOU decide when the time is right!

It’s time to consider the Primerica Opportunity.